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Helpful Hints

The best way for a customer to determine if they have a plumbing issue is to follow these steps in order to plug your pool lines:


1. Start by turning off your pump and filter


2. Mark the water level on the skimmer faceplate with a marker so that you know if the water       leaked out while plugged

3. Plug the return lines (jet nozzles)

    Remove the jet nozzles. Replace jet nozzles with either a white winter plug or a black winter     plug. Hand tighten the plug.


4. Plug the skimmers:

    Remove skimmer cover, remove skimmer basket, and insert your winter gizmo (either a            blue or green tube) Make sure you plug each skimmer and all return lines.


5. Wait 24 hours, then call us with the results of whether or not the pool still leaked while             plugged.

If the pool still leaks, then a dive is needed. If not, a line test is needed.


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