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POOL REPAIR INC Is an family owned Ohio based company that specializes in swimming pool leak detection and repairs, we have over 16 years’ experience with both concrete, gunite, fiberglass and vinyl swimming pools. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in the field of leak detection and we service a large number of pools each year

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It’s a fact that as a pool-owner, at some point, you’re going to need to have repairs done. Years ago, leaky swimming pool repairs required pool professionals to drain the pool, leaving the finish vulnerable to damage from the sun. Even worse, pools can suffer structural damage from being left empty. We go under the surface of the water to get your pool back to a leak free condition with no draining needed! This saves you time and money, and it saves your pool from the possibility of damage from being emptied.

Leak Detection Gives You peace of mind 

When you let POOL REPAIR INC Perform pool leak detection, you can be assured that we’ll get to the bottom of the problem. We’ll check for pool light leaks, filter leaks, pool shell and liners that could be causing leaks, and more.

Once we find the area we will perform the necessary underwater leak repairs without draining your pool. This is important, because working on a dry pool can actually cause further damage! You can keep your pool surface in good shape by insisting that repairs be done underwater instead of by removing the water from the pool in the first place.

Our Specialty is underwater leak detection and repair, if your pool has an underground leak, we will find it with our Sophisticated Electronic Leak Detection Equipment, or our specially made masks. We can also perform line pressure test and underwater Dye Test. At Pool Repair Inc. we also do minor repairs like pool pumps and filters.

 Our Company can also upgrade your Filtration System, Pool Pump,

If you suspect swimming pool filter leaks, a leak near your pool light or anywhere else in your pool, don’t wait. Call us today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll have your pool as good as new in no time.


Call us to find out more about how you can schedule your underwater swimming pool repair.




Leak Detection

Our company offers fast leak detection services to diagnose and repair the source of a leak. Whether you know the source of the water loss or not, we have the equipment to repair the problem.

Using state-of-the-art equipment for leak detection, we can tests both the shell of the pool (vinyl liners, Gunite, concrete and fiberglass) and the underground plumbing.

Dye Testing, Leak Repairs, pressure test,

plumbing repairs, We Do It All!

If you pool has a problem  call the underwater pool repair experts at Pool Repair Inc., From cracked swimming pool repair to liner leak detection and repair  , we have the materials and tools necessary to get to the root of the problem without draining the pool.  

Don’t put off your pool repairs any longer. Leaving cracks and other problems can cause further damage later. Remember, you don’t have to have your pool drained in order to have most problems fixed.

Pool Opening & Closing

Full Pool Opening

  • - Removes the pool cover and folds for storage (if possible)

  • - Starts the pump and filter

  • - Checks the system for any problems

  • - Adds shock and algaecide 

  • - Installs ladder and railings 


  • Full Pool Closing:

    • - Blows all lines, plus lines, and adds antifreeze

    • - Winterizes the pump and filter

    • - Checks the system for problems

    • - Adds shock and algaecide

    • - Removes ladders and railings

    • - Puts the pool cover on


We also sell and install safety covers

Major and minor pool repairs

No job is too big or too small for us, we are fully equipped to handle most of your pool repair needs at time of service.  We also work with other pool companies who specialize in other related fields.  By maintaining these strong relationships, we feel confident in our abilities to provide our customers with the best service available.

Pressure testing

We do offer pressure testing because occasionally our clients have plumbing issues underground.  This requires highly skilled technicians to find and repair the damaged swimming pool lines, this is a job that a lot of swimming pool companies recommend us for.

Liner repair

 OH, KY and IND have the largest number of vinyl pools in the country.  Our technicians service hundreds of vinyl pools every year.  As a result of our hard work and determination, Pool repair Inc.   Has become a leader in underwater inspection and repair of vinyl liner pools.

Drain cover replacement

In accordance to the Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, we remove old, non-compliant drain covers that are in swimming pools and retrofit them with new compliant drain covers. 




Located in Amelia, Ohio

Covering: Greater Cincinnati,

Southeast Indiana & Northern Kentucky

Tel: 513•518•5777




Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm


​​Saturday: 8am - 5pm


​Sunday: Closed

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